EZSign-in is an application that allows your business customers to sign-in electronically using a computer kiosk. EZSign-in can be used in healthcare and other settings, allowing you to easily keep track of customers waiting to be served.

As customers arrive at your business locale, they sign-in at a computer terminal and you and your staff can easily view the time-stamped customer name on your computer screens. In offices without receptionists, such as mental health providers' clinics, your patient is assured that you are aware of their presence. In offices with receptionists who are assigned multiple tasks, such as answering the phone, a significant workload is taken away. With a quick glance at the computer screen, you can see who is in and who has already been seen by you or your associates. The need for a sign-in sheet is eliminated and customer information remains secure from prying eyes.


  • Browser based sign-in system customizable to your office needs
  • Operates with desktops, laptops and tablets (iPad, Galaxy etc..)
  • Multi-kiosk capable
  • Captures arrival and departure time
  • Allows posting of notices and agreement acknowledgement
  • Sign-in list appears on your computer monitor
  • Operates as a pure notification system or as a pre-registered visitor finder
  • Interacts with existing or newly created database
  • Ability to store customer signature
  • No software to install
  • Data is encrypted and transmitted securely
  • Built from scratch for your own business
  • Application hosted on our secure servers

Target Customers

EZSign-in is especially helpful for:

  • Healthcare providers
  • Hospitals
  • Government offices
  • Office buildings where visitors are required to sign-in and identify who they are visiting and then sign-out when they leave
  • To record visitors arriving and leaving nursing and retirement homes
  • Daycare and schools for parents to sign-in and sign-out their children


EZSign-in allows healthcare institutions to remain HIPAA compliant. It also sends a message that your office is state-of-the-art and that you care to stay abreast of new innovations in technology. Most of all, customers love it and invariably call it COOL!



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